10 Shortcuts to Self Confidence

Self-confidence is that great feeling of being able to handle most things life throws you. But even the most confident of us suffers when we are criticized from our bosses, friends, or family, and wish we could run and hide. But practicing the skill of turning obstacles into learned behaviors is a far better response. Here are 10 simple ways to jumpstart your confidence right when you need it - asking for a job or a raise... Read more on Huffington Post

How Practice Perfects Us: Ethan Hawke and Seymour Bernstein At Their Best

Seymour: An Introduction, is an oddly titled documentary about an 88-year-old pianist, who gave up performing 37 years ago to become a teacher. Seymour Bernstein, a classical pianist, unknown to me, is now starring in a film at his late age and graces the movie stage for a Q/A session following the film... Read more on Huffington Post

Hitting the Bottom of the Pool

Sometimes we feel as if we are failing. Whether it is at work or in our personal relationships, we can find ourselves stuck, facing obstacles that we cannot overcome. When several negative experiences of the same kind converge, they re-stimulate others from our past. That overwhelming accretion hits us with a pervasive feeling of shame. When we are flailing, our confidence and our dreams sink... Read more on Huffington Post

Six Tactics to Ignite Your Ambition

Even though you possess talent or technical ability, having and honing is not enough. Here are six critical, transactional success skills to stimulate your most meaningful and fulfilling career.

1. Exploring: Most of us remain a prisoner of our obligations instead of listening to our instincts. A necessary step to make any kind of change, whether it is up or around, is not only fulfilling the basic assigned tasks, but looking for areas or projects that peak your interest and structuring them to get done in a more satisfying way. Instead of trying to get better at things that you don't like or your gut tells you aren't worthwhile, delegate someone else to those tasks so that you can focus on the parts that interest and will benefit you.

... Read more on Huffington Post

How to Make Smarter Decisions

Decision-making is difficult, especially when it involves complex factors. Even if we are smart and diligent, when it comes to settling on a course of action we resort to delaying tactics or blaming others to duck responsibility for fear of being seen as "wrong." Answers are not usually immediate. Here are some questions to help guide you to a resolution... Read more on Huffington Post

How to Prepare for the Interview

Once you've got an interview scheduled, what do you do next? The common advice is to do your homework, but the term homework is a misnomer. In school, it means answering an assignment for which there are right answers. But in real life, particularly in an interview, you have to prepare much more extensively. No mean task. No winging it. You get the job (pass) or you don't (fail). Here are some ways to begin that preparation successfully... Read more on Huffington Post

Secrets for Becoming Indispensable

Driving with NPR in my ear, I listen aghast to the daily unemployment statistics-- thousands of jobs still being lost. And this, according to the survey, is an improvement, down a quarter percent from the month before. Are you next? Before you prepare yourself to accept what looks like the inevitable axe, know that not everyone is let go. The majority of people still have their jobs. It's fair to say, however, that the more your talent is recognized, the more your work satisfies, and the more connected you are to your bosses, the greater your chances of keeping your job. This works, as the efforts of my clients prove. There are secrets to making yourself indispensable, and I don't mean blackmail. Here are some ways achievers do it.... Read more on Huffington Post