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Previous works by Dr. Adele:

A Guide to the Top for Men and Women

For the first time, Adele Scheele has defined hidden nontechnical skills that all successful people use in advancing their careers. Through extensive case studies and intensive interviews, she reveals exactly how crucial these skills are and how accessible they are to everyone. 

We learn how our institutions teach us to hold back, rely on authority and look for the right answers instead of encouraging us to be proactive and engaged. She demonstrates how we can present, position and connect ourselves for success. Adele Scheele's evergreen skills and critical career competences show us that we can realize our potential and reach our highest goals.


"Adele Scheele has written the most important book in career development in the last ten years. Skills For Success will be to career development what Richard Bolles book What Color Is Your Parachute is to job hunting. Her six critical career competences will become a standard reference point for future discussions of career developments. - Harvard University.

“A refreshing and very human approach to success.” - Publishers Weekly

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Strategies for Students, Educators and Parents

Only a fraction of students actually know how to use college as a stepping-stone for educational exploration and social connection. Most students are keenly disappointed when the expected transformation from college to career does not automatically happen. They do not know that they have to make it happen through their own engagement. Packed with practical and accessible advice, Scheele's approach provides critical strategies to the burgeoning number of students—whether they are children of advantaged parents or children of immigrants, high school students anticipating their college career, or adult women re-entering college after years of working or childrearing. All students are seeking the American Dream, hoping that the secret to success will be included with their diplomas. Launch Your Career in College provides a guide to maximizing the return on their educational investment.


“This book has got some of the wisest counsel for college students about what to do with their training and degree that I have ever read…I started to jot some down for my personal files.” -Dick Bolles, Author, What Color Is Your Parachute?

"This is a great book for anyone in college, getting ready for college. Launch Your Career in College: Strategies for Students, Parents, and Educators Outlines how to be proactive and make the experience work to the max. Sensible and inspiring. A must read for college students.”  - James E Stofan, Vice President, Tulane University

“Adele Scheele’s basic message in this lively and informative book is a very different and empowering one: “What can I do that will enrich my college experience and enhance my career development?”  - Alexander W. Astin, Founding Director, Higher Education Research Institute, UCLA

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This collection of advice for career women covers virtually every area that presents a problem - better yet an opportunity - for women in today's workplace, exploring useful strategies for making the most of any situation. Case studies illustrate best ways to approach typical career dilemmas. These examples are organized into four categories: how to develop a more positive self-image along with necessary assertiveness to ensure it; how to create winning relationships with supervisors and upper management; how to improve relationships with co-workers and competitors; and to fire up ambition and to take the risks necessary for success. Also included are model dialogues, quizzes and sample questions. The book should give women the confidence they need to build richer, more satisfying careers.


"I love the way she describes more than one path a conversation could take and more importantly how to adjust your response accordingly. Ideally you can still come out looking like a winner." - Dick Bolles, Author, What Color Is Your Parachute?

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