Career Coaching

Dr. Adele Scheele's strategies will be powerful for you at any stage of your career. Take yourself to the next level when:

  • You hold a high profile position and need confidential consulting on a campaign or delicate subject
  • You are in college or just starting out
  • You have a job that is too small for you
  • You want to change careers
  • You have been laid off
  • You don't know what you want
  • You are doing well but want to soar
  • You have completed your long, first career and now seek a new adventure in retirement

Engage Adele Scheele, PhD, for in-person career coaching in the greater Los Angeles area by telephone, or via Skype. Contact Dr. Adele to find out more about what career coaching can do for you and to BOOK AN APPOINTMENT.

“Adele Scheele is a personal success mentor whose wise strategies I’ve used to help launch over 5,000 successful corporate and entrepreneurial careers.”

- Patty DeDominic, National President, National Association of Women Business Owners

Life Coaching

Dr. Adele Scheele's Life Coaching strategies will guide you toward a greater sense of self-mastery if:

  • You are having difficulty making a decision or negotiating for your worth
  • You are finding you are in over your head and are uncomfortable about taking a risk
  • You are making the same mistakes over and over
  • You want success but don't seem able to achieve it
  • You lose opportunities through unintended self-sabotage
  • You can't seem to get your needs met or your voice heard
  • You don't recognize your own strengths and talents
  • You are between off-balance in your personal and professional life

Dr. Adele becomes your guide to getting there through her transforming sessions developed by deep experience and tested over time. She will gauge your intentions, increase your level of risk-taking, build on your strengths, and reveal unrecognized possibilities and opportunities.

Engage Adele Scheele, PhD, in Change Management for life coaching sessions, either in person or on the phone. CONTACT DR. ADELE now to boost your own career success!